Chartered Building Surveyors / Private Certifiers (Commercial and Residential)


Building Code Consultancy

Code assessment, inspection and reporting services for existing and proposed development. Providing essential code compliance advice to assist with the identification of future and existing development

Building Audits

Existing and new building code compliance and maintenance requirements, reporting and periodic asset record keeping

Building Approvals

Industrial, commercial and residential approvals – unrestricted capability. Development approval advice, preliminary compliance advice and reporting, full paperless building approval service

Building Due Diligence

Acquisition of pre-purchase conveyancing property data, existing approvals retrieval, pre-purchase code compliance audit and reporting

Expert Witness

Globally recognised with expertise in the field of building certification and building control. Capability to provide expert witness services for legal matters

Planning Advice

Comprehensive development approval (town planning) advice, early identification and expert guidance to assist with local and stage government planning and development matters

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Respond to the commercial and residential development sectors. Supporting Body Corporate, developers and individuals.

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Uniquely positioned in the market place to respond to all levels of development compliance and assessment.

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